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By | March 6, 2021

Cloudways is one of our favorite & reliable web hosting companies that serve people with excellent web hosting services. It’s the best platform for hosting your website if you want to improve your site ranking from beyond pages and bring it to the first page on Google. If you want to use Cloudways hosting service then we are here to offer you a few Cloudways coupon codes that you can use to save some coins on the checkout page.

Cloudways Hosting

Every blogger wants to take web hosting from the best and well-reputed companies. But this isn’t that easy for newbies. It requires too much research before you find the right web hosting provider. So today, we are going to tell you about Cloudways that is a well-known platform for providing hosting services.

Cloudways is a feature-rich company that offers unbeatable service throughout the globe. Its services along with top-notch features make it a stand-alone web hosting provider. We ensure that after reading this article, you would consider the Cloudways company as a perfect solution for your web hosting need.

Cloudways Coupon Code

Cloudways serves you with a few cloud-based web hosting packages that cover all your website needs. Once we impressed after hearing its customer’s reviews about their service, we intended to write an article on it that will help blogging volt readers. Taking that into consideration, we have put some exclusive promo codes for Cloudways hosting services you can use to grab and save some money from your invoice.

Cloudways Coupon Code

Not every web hosting company offers coupons to get a discount on their service but thanks to the Cloudways platform who wants to provide a way for customers to save money with them. So, we have unveiled some of the Cloudways promo codes you can use for various respective hosting packages to save your hard-earned money.


Exclusive 20% Off For 2-Month Cloudways Hosting

Use this exclusive coupon on the checkout page and get a 20% discount on the hosting service for 2 months. You would find the coupon workable for any of the Cloudways hosting packages.
On Going Offer

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Why Should You Choose Cloudways Hosting?

There are countless web hosting providers that are struggling to compete with each other and they use different tactics for beating their rivals. But here, we would talk about Cloudways that is a famous name in the hosting industry for offering Cloud-Managed hosting.

We would apparently prefer Cloudways hosting because it doesn’t only host your website but also strive to keep your website on the first page of search engines. After the analysis of many web hosting companies, we concluded that Cloudways is the suitable and perfect choice for all those who want to start a long-term website.

The best thing about this company is that it allows offering web hosting on both a monthly and hourly basis while other companies don’t. Apart from that you can get hosting resources as per your desire and website requirements.

One of the secrets behind Cloudways success is it has allocated multiple data centers in various positions. It’s easy even for beginners to use the Cloudways cPanel and dashboard.

If you want your website to be high-performance then you might need to surrender your site to the Cloudways company. Because it increases site performance and boosts your ranking in different search engines.

The platform allows you a free Cloudways CDN that helps your visitors to seize and get data from their nearest data centers. CDN is necessary for many aspects, it reduces your website loading time and indulges your visitors in your website.

Cloudways expert support is excellent while other companies don’t provide such instant customer support even if you need their help. You might get your problem solved within a few minutes after you describe your issue to the expert.

Why Choose Cloudways

Most companies cost soo expensive prices for their web hosting services that prevent newbies and those who want to start an entertainment website. Because they don’t have enough budget to afford their cost. However, Cloudways hosting is super affordable and competitive in price. Just imagine, how cool it sounds that you reduce their regular price by applying Cloudways promo code during the signup for any plan.

So, you get the Cloudways hosting cheap as compared to other giant web hosting companies. Considering these benefits, you should subscribe the Cloudways hosting over other companies.

How to Redeem & Get Cloudways Discount Code

If you want to use the Cloudways promotional code to get a whopping discount but don’t know the process. Then make sure to follow our step-by-step instructions for redeeming and using the Cloudways coupon code during the subscription of any hosting plan.

Before we initiate the process, let me confirm from you that what type of web hosting package you are looking for. Because Cloudways offers a wide range of web hosting packages and we have listed their respective promo codes on this page. So, you must choose a hosting package as per your website requirements.

Without further ado, let’s know the complete process of redeeming the Cloudways promo code.

Step. 1: First of all, scroll up the page and copy a coupon code we have given above for various hosting packages. Make sure you copy the right coupon because each coupon doesn’t work for every web hosting package.

Step. 2: Go to Cloudways website and click the “GET STARTED FREE” button.

Click Get Started Free

Step. 3: Provide your personal information, for example, your name, password, and Email. Also, you should describe yourself as a blogger, digital agency, freelancer, eCommerce, or other businesses. Moreover, they will ask what you want to improve. They also ask you to choose a hosting amount you want to spend on your website.

Now, click on the “Got a Promo Code?” button and paste the coupon code in the text box. Mark to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy option. Click the “START FREE” button.

Enter Promo Code

Step. 4: While you have signed up for an account in Cloudways. You will receive a confirmation email. You have to verify your account.

Step. 5: Once you add your credit card, your payment will be calculated and the discount will be applied automatically to your cart.

Cloudways Hosting Prices

Cloudways is the best opportunity for newbie as well as pro bloggers to choose as a web host. If you are using any CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Laravel, or need any other eCommerce hosting then you are finding all these requirements in the Cloudways platform.

The following given tables give you a quick estimation of the Cloudways hosting price and its respective resources. But our Cloudways discount codes may help you to save an enormous amount when you apply them perfectly during the sign-up. So, make certain to have a look at each hosting price and decide on your preferred one.

Cloudways DigitalOcean Hosting Price

Plan I$10/mo1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan II$22/mo2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TB
Plan III$42/mo4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB
Plan IV$80/mo8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB

Cloudways Linode Hosting Price

Plan I$12/mo1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan II$24/mo2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TB
Plan III$50/mo4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB
Plan IV$90/mo8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB

Cloudways VULTR Hosting Price

Plan I$11/mo1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan II$23/mo2 GB1 Core55 GB2 TB
Plan III$44/mo4 GB2 Core80 GB3 TB
Plan IV$84/mo8 GB4 Core160 GB4 TB

Cloudways AWS Hosting Price

Plan I$36.51/mo2 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan II$86.77/mo4 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan III$176.26/mo8 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan IV$274.33/mo16 GB420 GB2 GB

Cloudways Google Cloud Hosting Price

Plan I$33.18/mo1.70 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan II$73.50/mo3.75 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan III$138.52/mo7.5 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan IV$225.93/mo15 GB420 GB2 GB

Cloudways Hosting Features & qualities

You would find a set of features that makes Cloudways a unique and unprecedented web hosting firm in this competitive era. The major features you get with Cloudways hosting are comprised of high-performance servers, breakless day-night support, SSD Hosting, PHP-7 Based servers, Redis support, Auto-healing managed cloud servers, Free WP-Cache Plugins, CloudwaysCDN, and many more.

You should always confirm before purchase a web hosting service that it provides necessary web hosting features or not. In case of buying a service that doesn’t offer a quality service, you would regret it later. To know a bit further about its top-notch features, take a look at the following unique features of Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Feature

High-Speed Performance

Cloudways is a suitable platform to use their service for boosting your website performance. It provides all their customers with the skyrocket speed to enhance their site ranking. Cloudways uses some additional add-ons that help to increase website performance.

They also offer SSD-Based hosting that lets you improve your site three times more than usual. Cloudways uses PHP 7.3 version and it’s a reality that PHP 7 version is faster than all the previous ones.

The excellent feature about the Cloudways is it assures you to be calm down if you suddenly get your website crashed or destroyed from the roots. You are able to resolve your problem with a single click by auto-healing restarts.

Cloudways CDN

CDN usually stands for Content Delivery Network and this very helpful to improve your site loading. In case, you get utmost visitors to your website from abroad then you must use CDN. Cloudways has a CDN available that helps to reduce your website bounce rate.

There are various data centers that are placed in different locations. All your website data is stored in these data centers. When someone searches for a keyword, he receives data from its nearest data center.

For example, you have created a website in Japan and have ranked for a keyword. Now, if a person from the US searches for a keyword in Google. Then he would get your website data from the US data center rather than Japan. Obviously, CDN would help to load a web page quickly.

Cloudways Solid Security

Cloudways is very serious about its security. Just feel secured about your website and blog while you have been with Cloudways. It uses numerous ways to protect your website from malware and malicious attacks. A secure website is getting more attraction and trust from the visitors. The HTTPS websites are more preferred to visit as they use an SSL Certificate.

Cloudways apply different strategies to confirm your website security. It uses Dedicated Firewalls, 1-Click Free SSL Installation, Regular Security Patching, IP Whitelisting, Bot Protection, and Two-Factor Authentification to provide you safe and worry-less website.

Global Availability & Access

Cloudways quietly works spreading its network beyond the border. It has set up more than 60 data centers in different territories that can be accessed throughout the globe.

The bunch number of data centers makes you able to choose one that is closer to your target audience. You should first see from which country you get the most traffic. Then surely, you must select their nearest data center that will help them to load your website faster to them.

Cloudways Free Trial

Do you know? You can get the Cloudways free trial to host your website absolutely free of cost. During the free trial, you can taste their web hosting service for free for a limited duration. Let me tell you an amazing thing in the company, it doesn’t want you to add credit card credentials for subscribing to their free trial.

While other companies ask to enter your credit card details even if you sign up for the trial period. In case, you didn’t find the Cloudways service awful, you can cancel your subscription with a single click.

Ending Thoughts on Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is one of the fastest hosting providers you should trust on their splendid service. It offers multiple web hosting packages including CMS based hosting like dedicated hosting for WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and a few others.

Every kind of hosting you would find under the Cloudways platform. Whether you want to build a personal website, an eCommerce store, etc Cloudways has an option available for you.

If you are going to purchase web hosting from them, don’t forget to apply the exclusive Cloudways coupon code during the subscription process. We always strive to hold a few coins from companies and save in our readers’ pocket.

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