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By | December 28, 2020

When you think about an online successful website there will be arising several questions in your mind. For example, how to start a blog? how to get web hosting? Is my hosting provider reliable? etc.

For creating an online website, you need to choose a blogging platform, get reliable hosting, and purchase a TLD domain for your website. Due to the large list of hosting providers, I want to pick the DreamHost company which is known for its great services globally. In addition to that, I am going to write the complete DreamHost review in this article.

DreamHost is a famous and secure hosting provider that makes people able to start their website. It has worked for millions of users to beat their competitors in SERPs by using their hosting services.

DreamHost Review 2021

DreamHost is the growing hosting company established in 1996 by student guys Sage Weil, Dallas Bethune, Michael Rodriguez, and Josh Jones. After a year, it was approved as a registered company by Michael Rodriguez in 1997.

The founders of DreamHost built it solely for providing the best hosting services and domain registration. It has earned many rewards for providing great uptime and fast & secure service that’s why I recommend reading this DreamHost review and test their services.

DreamHost Review

Currently, more than 400,000 users are hosting their blogs with the DreamHost company and they have the best experiences with it. Over 1,500,000+ websites and blogs have been hosted by it around in 100+ countries.

In just a little amount, DreamHost offers you unlimited bandwidth and storage,24-hour fast customer support, free backup, and many other top-notch features. That’s why you would find the DreamHost recommended hosting company everywhere.

DreamHost is the best option amongst thousands of hosting companies that provides you WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and a few others. Especially if you are looking for WordPress hosting then don’t look anymore.

If you are going to find the top-level domain for your site then surely DreamHost can be the best option for you. It gives you domains with the usually extensions .com, .net, .gov, and country-wise .us, .ca, .au, etc.

DreamHost Top Features

Nowadays, companies are competing with each other whether it’s online or offline. Particularly, online competition is much difficult due to its vast global market. But still, DreamHost has been offering super amazing services to its users.

The core secret behind its growth rate is giving quality service packed with excellent features. Most of its users want to suggest this company for allowing great services. In this detailed DreamHost hosting review, we want to list all the basic features below. Just look at them, you would get surprised.

DreamHost Features

Fast & Reliable Hosting

It’s important to provide a fast and speedy web page to users. Because they hardly wait up to 2 seconds to load a web page. If it takes more than 3 seconds, you can’t retain them on your page.

By testing out some hosting companies, we concluded that the speed of DreamHost web pages was good from most of these. The average loading speed of DH pages was enough for engaging its users.

Also, by using a few page speed checker tools, we can easily determine the webpage loading time. Below we used the tools, PageSpeed insight, GTmetrix, and Pingdom for finding the average speed of 5 various DreamHost pages to perfectly load was 2.35 seconds. The speed tested by various tools is listed in the below table.

Testing Tools Average Page Speed
PageSpeed Insights by Google (5 pages) 3.08 sec
GTmetrix test (5 web pages) 2.5 sec
5 Pingdom test (5 web pages) 1.484 sec

Reliability is another best and crucial factor for having an online prosper hosting company. You should provide top service to the clients to make them trust you. DreamHost came out of the finest, reliable, and trusted hosting companies. Just imagine, over 4 million people have been using DreamHost services and they proud of it.

Simple cPanel

It’s a good indication for the hosting companies to provide a simple and easy-to-use cPanel for its users. Actually, DreamHost doesn’t offer a cPanel but still, it uses a custom-built panel to manage your site.

Like the cPanel, you can perform many tasks and management in the custom-built DreamHost panel. So, we found the DH panel easy and simple for beginners.

DreamHost Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost allows you a great time period for refunding your amount if you didn’t like its service. The money-back-guarantee varies for different hosting packages.

For example, DreamHost provides a full refund if you cancel their Shared hosting within 97 days. While by purchasing its VPS and Dedicated hosting, you may cancel their service within 30 days. But remember, they don’t refund for a monthly billing cycle either in VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting.

DreamHost doesn’t guarantee to refund the money for the domain registration. Aside from that, if you get the free domain name in the Shared hosting plan and you want to cancel it within the first year then you are required to pay for the free domain registration.

Multiple Hosting Services

If you are finding a single place where you can get multiple hosting services then stop over the DreamHost company. Here, you can get a wide range of hosting services like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

No matter which kind of hosting you need, DreamHost covers it all. Whether you are a freelancer, Developer, eCommerce store owner, or having an online business, just pick out a hosting from the DH that meets your needs.

DreamHost Pricing

If you have intended to purchase hosting for your blog and become your site live to the world. Then let me elaborate on the DreamHost pricing to choose your required hosting plan for your website.

But let me assure you that you decided on the best hosting companies. It would not make you disappointed with their services. You are getting feature-rich hosting that gives you many benefits. It will enhance your ranking in google as well as in other search engines.

Also, you are saving enough amount by choosing the DreamHost company. Because other hosting companies would charge you more for getting the same services. So without further ado, let me keep the details of each hosting plan including its resources in the below list.

Shared Website Hosting Plans

In this DreamHost review, you are getting familiar with the multiple hosting packages it offers. Like every other hosting company, it also provides its simple and cheap shared hosting for your blog.

Shared hosting offers you further two plans that can be used by all those who are looking for shared hosting. Most of the beginners start their blogging journey from this hosting. Because usually, it is cheaper and affordable than other hosting packages.

If you want to get further plans under the shared hosting, DreamHost is the best option for you. It gives you Shared starter and Shared unlimited hosting under the shared hosting package.

Both the plans vary from each other by having different prices, and the number of sites you are allowed to host by an account. In addition to that, Shared Unlimited allows you to use countless emails on your domain while Shared Starter doesn’t allow a single email. Although you can add an email in Shared starter by paying an extra amount on a monthly basis.

Moreover, you get unlimited bandwidth and storage in this plan. Mean you wouldn’t need to upgrade your hosting plan. Because this plan support whatever traffic your website gets in the future.

If you want to look more closely at these hosting and differentiate between then just compare both the resources, we are listing for you in the below table.

Shared Website Hosting

Plan NameShared StarterShared Unlimited
Websites Allowed1 SiteUnlimited Sites
Free SSL CertificateYesYes
Email Account$1.67/monthUnlimited
Pre-WordPress InstalledYesYes
Free Domain includedYesYes
Monthly Price$4.95/month$10.95/month
Annual Price$3.95/month$9.95/month
Triennial Price$2.95/month$4.95/month

Did you decide to buy shared hosting as a beginner and to start your own website? Excellent, just make your site live with this hosting and don’t look further. This hosting doesn’t affect your wallet, you can use their hosting at less than three a month.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

DreamHost allows all the WordPress users to buy its managed WordPress hosting. Although you can install WP on Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and many others. But WordPress hosting plan is specially managed for WP users.

Unlike other hosting companies, DreamHost provides its WP hosting at a very affordable hosting. Even you get this WordPress hosting 50% cheaper than other providers.

No matter, if you are searching for WP hosting to start your new website or your site has been already hosted with other companies. DreamHost allows you to migrate your hosting for free using their free plugin. You don’t need to be a developer or a techy guy, their team will migrate your site for you without any cost.

Their WordPress managed hosting package offers you three plans start from $16.95, $24.95, $71.95 a month respectively when you choose a 3-year billing cycle. Remember they will cost a little more money for monthly or annual billing payout.

DreamHost provides extra premium customer support for its users. Don’t worry about having an issue with your site, because they have a well-trained WordPress team for solving any kind of issues you get occurred in your blog.

If you ask us, we recommend using their WordPress hosting if you want to run a site over the WP platform. So let me offer all the features and resources in the below table you are getting from their managed WordPress hosting. We have placed a few WP hosting plans for you in this DreamHost review.

WordPress Basic

All the resources in this plan are the same as we have listed in the above Shared hosting. So, in order to check the WP basic features and data you get, just take a look at the Shared plan.

Dream Press Package

If you have hosted your site on the WP basic but it can’t properly serve you more then surely you will need the DreamPress hosting plan. It has also specified their hosting plans in three categories i.e. Simple DreamPress, DreamPlus, and DreamPro.

DreamPress: It allows you 30GB of Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100k visits (Uncached) per month, Free Domain, Free SSL and unlimited CDN, Jetpack Free, etc. for a single site at $16.95 a month.

DreamPlus: This plan hands over you an unmetered bandwidth, 60GB Storage, and 300k visits/month, allow 1 site, including a Jetpack plan with advanced & professional features at just $24.95/month.

DreamPro: You get amazing resources by purchasing the DreamPro plan. It gives 1million uncached monthly visits, unlimited bandwidth, 120GB SSD Storage, along with phone support callbacks, and free CDN at $71.95 a month.

WP DreamPress Hosting

Plan NameDreamPressDreamPlusDreamPro
Websites Allowed1 Site1 Site1 Site
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYes
Jetpack includedFreeProfessionalProfessional
Pre-WordPress InstalledYesYesYes
Free Domain includedYesYesYes
Monthly Price$19.95/month$29.95/month$79.95/month
Annual Price$16.95/month$24.95/month$71.95/month

DreamHost VPS Hosting

Do you run multiple blogs and want to get the most out of them? Just use the DreamHost VPS hosting with countless features and resources. Like the rest of the hosting providers, DreamHost has a great experience for offering VPS hosting to millions of users.

First off, let’s define the VPS hosting a little bit. Actually, it’s the abbreviation of Virtual Private Servers and also known as Virtual servers. VPS hosting is the solution for multi blogs owners and developers, where each individual user gets separate server resources. But there can be multiple users on the same physical server.

Basically, VPS hosting allows further four plans that you can pick one that meets your site needs. Plans are named Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise plan. Each plan is differentiating from each other considering the price and resources.

VPS Basic: The VPS Basic plan allows you to 1GB Ram, 30GB SSD Storage, unlimited websites, and Bandwidth including a free SSL Certificate at the cost of $10/month.

VPS Business: It gives 2GB Ram, 60GB SSD Storage, and unlimited Email on your domain name with a free CDN at just $20.00/month.

VPS Professional: The professional plan is the best solution for those who want a resource-rich under the DreamHost company. Here, you get 40GB Ram, 120GB SSD Storage, and afford unlimited traffic to your site just at $40/month.

VPS Enterprise: This is the most expensive plan under the VPS hosting plan. But just look at its excellent amount of resources as well. At $80 a month, you are acquiring 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD Storage, and some other features.

It’s important to note that the hosting price we showed above is just for those who are going to buy a 3-year hosting plan from DreamHost. If you reduce the billing cycle, the hosting price will be increasing. Now jump out to the underneath table.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameVPS BasicVPS BusinessVPS ProfessionalVPS Enterprise
Ram1 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB
SSD Storage30 Gb60 GB120 GB240 GB
Websites AllowedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSLincludedincludedincludedincluded
No. of Allowed EmailsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Based Price$15/month$30/month$60/month$120/month
Annual Based Price$13.75/month$27.50/month$55/month$110/month
3-year Based Price$10/month$20/month$40/month$80/month

Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting refers to a hosing where an individual is using all the resources from a physical server. Surely, your hosting provider will still own the server but they give you near-complete control over the server. It’s the most cost-effective hosting service using by giant companies, enterprises, and great businessmen.

If you are working in an online company and need intensive resources for your business then DreamHost would be the best pick for you. When it comes to price, still the DreamHost charges you less money from its alternatives.

Just choose the dedicated hosting if your website gets large traffic or you have an eCommerce store. Then dedicated hosting might be the perfect investment for you. Without getting late, just start using the service of this special hosting company.

This is what features you obtain by purchasing the dedicated hosting from the DreamHost company. I want to inform you through the following snapshot of all the resources you get from this hosting.

Standard 4GB: This is the best hosting comprised of 4GB RAM, 1TB HHD, and Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread at the cost of $149/month.

Enhanced 16GB HHD: The enhanced plan includes 16GB RAM, 2TB HHD, and Intel Xeon 12-Core 24-Thread. All these benefits require $279/month to handle multiple sites perfectly.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Don’t you want to be free of limitations? Sure, that’s why DreamHost wants to give you the Cloud hosting to make you boundless. No one wants to be restricted in a particular amount. In Cloud hosting, you are charged for what you use.


DreamCompute is a Cloud hosting service offered by the DreamHost company. It’s a super amazing option for those who want root access and more control over their sites.

DreamCompute: This is the first plan offered by the Cloud server by having flexible prices. No matter, how much resources you are spending, you wouldn’t excess from the maximum amount.

512 RAM Server: By choosing a 512 RAM Server, you get 1vCPU, 80GB SSD Disk, and free Bandwidth. Aside from these, 100GB block storage is included. What’s the price of it? It depends upon the usage that how much resources you are spending. The maximum price of this plan is $4.50/month ($0.0075/hour).

2GB RAM Server: This is almost the same plan as the previous one. The core difference between them is the amount of RAM and price. Here, the maximum limit is $12.00/month ($0.02/hour). It’s a recommended plan for website owners.

8GB RAM Server: This hosting comes with 4 vCPU, 80 GB SSD Disk, free Bandwidth, and 100GB Block Storage. You need the maximum amount of $48.00/month ($0.08/hour) to purchase this hosting.

DreamHost Cloud hosting

DreamHost Alternatives

There out are lots of companies providing hosting services globally. And it makes people two minded to choose which one. It’s good to research before choosing a hosting company to not lead your website towards a debacle.

So we have found some alternatives to DreamHost that you can use for the same purpose. Let’s check out these hosting companies briefly.


GreenGeeks is one of my favorite hosting companies providing excellent service since 2008. They are currently hosting over 500,000 websites on their server for more than 40,000 customers. It provides Green hosting i.e. it’s an environmentally friendly web host ever who doesn’t spread pollution.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is another best hosting provider that helps people throughout the world with numerous web hosting packages. For example, you can choose this company for getting multiple hosting i.e. Shared Hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. Go for this hosting if you need a super fast and secure hosting service for your site.

MilesWeb Hosting:

Want to get cheap and affordable hosting? Miles Web may be your ever wanting company that provides inexpensive hosting services. Miles Web is an Indian based hosting company launched back in 2012. Currently, more than 20,000 customers have been using their top-notch services. Moreover, it is also famous for providing domain names with national and international based extensions.

WPX Hosting:

If you have a great budget and running a large business website then surely you need WPX hosting to get the most out of your site. Although it allows you several hosting packages with expensive hosting plans. But in return, you get their excellent packed-featured services that can multiply your site revenue. Don’t get late if you want real success for your blog.

DreamHost Review Summary:

I hope you would have read my in-depth article. If you have ever wished for speedy and secure hosting then don’t go anywhere else. We have opted for you the best hosting provider that can grow your site performance for both search engines and readers.

In this deep DreamHost review, we have listed all the hosting packages, features, and overview of the company. If you found this suitable and right hosting company then don’t waste your time further and purchase their hosting plan.

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