RankWatch Coupon Code 2021 – Get $45 Discount

By | December 28, 2020

RankWatch SEO Tool

RankWatch is one of the most popular SEO solutions that helps bloggers to know all about their website ranking, backlinks, and analyze your competitor’s data. This featured-rich and all-in-one software is very beneficial to use for every webmaster and affiliate marketer. Being an affiliate, we want to provide you RankWatch coupon code on this page you can use to get a maximum discount.

A resourceful tool is indeed necessary to use for getting your or competitor’s site data. The RankWatch tool may perform many tasks for your website. It’s mostly used by each individual webmasters as well as agencies to keep track of their website ranking, traffic, backlinks, and many more.

RankWatch Coupon Code 2021

RankWatch is a famous platform found by Sahil Kakkar that helps bloggers and SEO geeks to analyze a website, check backlinks, and tracking SERPs for sites. It basically comes with four packages named M, L, XL, and Custom Tailored package. In each package, the number of resources differs from each other.

RankWatch Coupon Code

The RankWatch packages are a bit expensive and each individual can’t afford to use them easily. The price of the starting plan comes at $29 when you go for a one-month billing cycle. Similarly, the price becomes higher when you upgrade your package.

For our readers, it’s a great opportunity to use our RankWatch promo code. We have shared a few working coupon codes with you in this article which yield you a massive discount when you apply them while purchasing. So, make sure to choose one of the coupons listed below that meets your requirements.


Grab $45 Off on RankWatch "XL" Plan

Make your purchase successful with our $45 off for the "XL" plan to obtain a great discount. Be assured, you choose a 6-month payment cycle to grab this amazing discount on the XL plan.
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Get a Maximum 15% Discount on "L" Plan

The maximum discount you are getting on the "L" offers you 15% off on the RankWatch services. Switch your subscription to the annual payment cycle to obtain the 15% discount.
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Get 10% Discount on "M" Plan

Make sure to use our coupon that will let you a 10% discount on the M plan in RankWatch. For getting the discount you need to subscribe to the annual payment system.
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Avail 5% On Custom Tailored Plan (500 Keywords)

Get a flat discount of 5% on the custom-tailored plan in RankWatch. Just stay on the 500 keywords and purchase it with 5% off on the regular price.
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Save 15% Off on RankWatch "XL" Plan

Our exclusive readers can get a flat discount of 15% on the "XL" plan. This RankWatch discount code will work in case of selecting a yearly invoice. Here, you are saving a maximum amount by using our special coupon at checkout.
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Save $10 at "L" Plan in RankWatch

Use our promo code to avail a $10 discount on the "L" plan. keep in mind that our $10 Off coupon would work in case of selecting a 6-month billing cycle.
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Save $1 on RankWatch "M" Plan

$1 saving is greater than saving nothing. So, provide our coupon at checkout to get $1 off the "M" plan which drops down from the regular price of $29 to $28. Remember, choose a monthly billing cycle to get the coupon working.
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Get Custom Tailored Plan At $6 Off - Choose 500 Keywords

The RankWatch allows you to purchase the custom-tailored plan at $52 instead of the regular price of $58. Choose 500 keywords and buy it for an annual billing cycle to get it at $6 off.
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RankWatch Plan & Pricing

As we mentioned above that RankWatch offers four basic plans for users. The resources you get in each plan and its pricing is various from each other. The resources of the first three plans i.e. M, L, XL are fixed while the fourth one is a custom plan where you can set up your own desired resources according to your need. So, now we are going to let you know the deep details of the RankWatch pricing and plans.

M Plan (250 Keywords)

RankWatch starts its services from the “M” plan and it’s also known as (250 keywords). The price of this plan costs you $29 to purchase it for one month. To decrease its price, switch your billing cycle from a monthly to a 6-month, and get the same plan at $28. The maximum discount for this plan needs to choose an annual renewal system as its price will reduce from $29 to $26.

The “M” plan is a perfect choice for individual bloggers and small business owners. The resources are limited and suitable to afford even having a little budget. Once you started out and felt to increase your plan then you can obviously upgrade your plan.

The basic plan includes many top-notch features that incredibly boost your search engine optimization. This plan makes you able to check your website ranking on the SERPs based on the Daily & Weekly options. Additionally, Local/City Rank Tracking, Automated Alerts, White Lable Reporting, Multiple Logins, and competitor analysis are the key features of the “M” plan. Moreover, you can monitor 145,000 backlinks in this starting plan.

L Plan (1500 Keywords)

The second plan “L” is recommended to use for all medium website owners. The “L” plan price starts from $99 when you pay them for a month. Don’t fret about the price, the same plan can be availed at $89 and $84 by switching your billing cycle to 6-month and annual respectively.

It includes all the features of the “M” plan and additionally gives you 1-hour dedicated training and a 100% White Label Interface. The tool itself recommend picking this plan as it gives you a maximum discount of $15 by paying them for one time. Here, the number of monitoring backlinks grow up to 495,000.

The regular price is obviously a bit difficult to afford for a newbie blogger but our RankWatch coupon codes are here to help you save an enormous amount for any plan. If you want a great discount then go for this plan and purchase it.

XL Plan (7500 Keywords)

The RankWatch offers its third plan “XL” which keeps a rich-amount of features and resources for its users. The price of the “XL” plan imposes $449 for a month. To get the plan at a discounted rate, just select a semi-annual or annual billing cycle. On the basis of a 6-month payment, you get the plan at $404. The price further drops down to $382 from $449 when you select an annual payment system.

The “XL” plan allows you all the benefits and features of the first two plans. The rest of the features you get with this plan are the account manager and the 4-hours dedicated training. Besides these, the plan makes you able to monitor 2,245,000 backlinks.

Those who are running agencies, multiple websites, and large businesses should opt for this plan under the RankWatch software. Because the resources you are given here are grown enough from the “M” and “L” plans that would be perfect for you.

Custom Tailored

The RankWatch provides a special custom-tailored plan that makes you able to choose your desired resources. The plan starts from 500 keywords and you can grow it up to 100,000 keywords. The plan is priced at $58 for 500 keywords when you pay for a month. For a 6-month and an annual payment system, the price falls down to $55 and $52 respectively. Initially, you are allowed to monitor 290,000 backlinks.

Similarly, if you increase the number of keywords its price and resources will be increasing accordingly. Once you feel, your revenue is greater than the Custom Tailored plan and want to exceed the maximum number of keywords then contact the RankWatch representative. They will set up a specific plan for your requirements.

What Does RankWatch Do?

RankWatch is by far one of the recognized tools used for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The RankWatch can be benefited for many salient tasks. Under the same tool, you may see your SERPs for each targeted keyword in various search engines and many major countries.

Over 25,000 happy users from 25 different countries have installed the RankWatch for their primary SEO software. The tool can be used for investigating the competitor’s backlinks and Website Audit. Backlink analysis is getting much importance for a progressive website. It easily reveals all the backlinks that your competitor has created to its blog. In addition, you can also test your page speed and get a quick overview of the organic and paid backlinks of your competitors.

Additionally, the tool gives you an estimation of your ranking for a targeted keyword by considering 110+ parameters. After crawling a website, it provides a site score out of 100 for encountering different problems.

How To Get RankWatch Discount?

If you have decided to purchase any of the RankWatch plans then offer our exclusive coupons above to get an additional discount. To redeem a coupon, make sure to go through the following intensive steps.

  1. Copy a coupon code given on this page and visit RankWatch’s official website.
  2. Click the pricing tab and choose your required plan that meets your website needs.
  3. Select a billing cycle from 1-month, 6-month, 12-month. Now, click the Purchase button.
  4. Paste the coupon you have copied previously from our website.
  5. Finally, provide your Paypal account to pay them money.

RankWatch Features

The all-in-one tool where you can perform many salient tasks other than using a separate tool for every single function. The tool offers a few plans having different resources and prices. Let’s get dive into all the major features of RankWatch.

RankWatch Features

Competitor Analysis

Defeating your competitor is your coveted job whether you are working online or offline. The RankWatch comes packed with this amazing tool. You can easily analyze your competitor’s website and detect which strategies and tactics they have used for ranking their blogs. Additionally, you can find that a competitor is getting organic or paid traffic.

The traffic which you get to your website on the basis of your keyword is known as organic traffic. While most people put google ads on their website to get a decent amount of traffic is called paid traffic. It also tracks the highest getting ads along with the targeted keyword.

With the help of the tool, you can easily compare your competitor’s websites for ranking in different locations, keywords, search engines, and other parameters.

Rank Tracking Overview

RankWatch Rank Tracker shows you an accurate position for your targeted keyword in different leading search engines. The ranking can be tracked for various locations across the globe.

Backlink Analysis

RankWatch is a suitable tool for getting a complete overview of your inbound links to your website. It also provides weekly updates for your website backlinks when you add your project with the RankWatch software.

It discovers all the active links, lost links, referring domains, and anchor texts. Active links are those links that are currently redirecting users to your website. Lost links are those that were previously redirecting users to your blog but are no longer working. Moreover, it tells us the age of a domain that for how long it has been activated.

RankWatch Keyword Research Tool

You can get a better result if you do proper keyword research before choosing a topic. RankWatch cleverly suggests you cloaked keywords that can be easily ranked on. The tool gives you in-depth details for a keyword for example search volume, keyword difficulty, competition, CPC, Seach volume trend, and suggests some additional long tail and short tail keywords.

RankWatch Free Trial

If you are two minded and can’t decide whether to purchase the RankWatch software or not then you are provided a RankWatch free trial for 14-days. No credit card required and you can get the free trial without making a payment. Once your free trial is over then you can conveniently purchase or cancel your plan. So, go to RankWatch and get a 14-Day Free Trial without paying money.

RankWatch Alternatives

Can’t decide between RankWatch and its alternatives? Obviously, thereĀ are a lot of famous RankWatch competitors and alternatives used for the same purpose. But RankWatch is unique amongst them and serves its users better than other alternatives. RankWatch helps companies and brands to grow their ranking in search engines with their SEO efforts.

You can use RankWatch to increase and analyze your website performance. RankWatch becomes a stand-alone software due to its all-in-one feature. It improves your site visibility and ranking in various search engines. A few best RankWatch alternatives tools and software are listed below.

  • Ahrefs.com
  • Moz.com
  • Semrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

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