SeekaHost Coupon Code 2021 [Get Up to 70% Off]

By | March 31, 2021

Today, we are going to refer you to a web hosting platform named SeekaHost where you can get multiple web hosting packages. If you want to use their service, make certain to use the SeekaHost Coupon Code while you signup for the service.

Nowadays, every web developer and blogger eagerly want to host their websites with a reputable hosting company. But the bulk number of hosting companies make it a tough task to believe in a web hosting company.

So, we’ll advise you to use the services of Seekahost that you will be happy with their hosting services. While purchasing web hosting don’t neglect to use our exclusive Seekahost promo code during the payment hand-over.

Why don’t you want to decrease the actual amount you pay the company with the help of our promotional code?

SeekaHost is a famous name when talking about web hosting and domain name providing platforms. Generally, the company is providing multiple hosting services, domain registration services, website building services, and many more services.

It’s the all-in-one solution for bloggers, freelancers, and web developers where they can easily find their required services.

SeekaHost Coupon Code [70% Discount]

I hope you would like to save money whether you deal with someone offline or online. SeekaHost is one of the most preferred hosting providers when it comes to saving money by using coupon codes.

Its hosting price is already affordable and competitive but still, you can further break down their hosting cost by applying our discount codes on the payment page.

SeekaHost coupon code

We have listed a few working promo codes to get a discount on the SeekaHost hosting services. You can find a wide range of hosting plans on the SeekaHost homepage.

Just pick the plan that meets your website needs and insert our special coupon code at the text box specified for promotional codes.

Now without being further late, let’s start redeeming the coupon that we will need to paste on the checkout page. So, let’s dig into the large list of coupons given below.

Exclusive Working Promo Codes


Grab Personal Web Hosting 16% Off

This exclusive coupon lets you give a 16% discount on personal web hosting. Be sure that this promo code works only when you choose an annual or semi-annual billing cycle.
On Going Offer

Get 35% Discount on Any Hosting Plan

Our Special coupon code gives you a 35% discount when you purchase any hosting plan from the SeekaHost company. You need to purchase the hosting plan for an annum.
On Going Offer

Get 7-Day Free Trial Hosting [100% Discount]

Sign up for the SeekaHost 7-day free trial hosting and get your website live to the world. You wouldn't be charged if you cancel your account within the Trial Period.
On Going Offer

How To Redeem SeekaHost Coupon?

SeekaHost is the best option to use for making your blog or website live on the world wide web. As you know that a company provides web hosting service in return for paying them some fixed payment.

If you want to decrease their hosting price then we want you to enter the SeekaHost discount codes during the hosting subscription.

Now, keep reading to know the detailed process of how to redeem coupon codes.

1. Redeem Coupon:

As we have granted various promo codes for SeekaHost, you can use them to save on different hosting plans.

First off, decide on a hosting package you want for your website and then copy its related coupon code on this page. Just scroll up the page and see the promo code list.

For that make sure, you click the “Show Coupon” button where you can copy the code in one tab and another tab redirects you to the SeekaHost website.

2. Choose Hosting Package & Plan

Once you are redirected to the official site of SeekaHost. Choose your required package according to your business. Click the “Get Started” button given below to move you to the next page.

Now you are looking at different hosting plans having various specifications. You would further select a plan according to your website requirements.

So, once again you should click the “Get Started” button to move you ahead.

3. Choose Domain Name

Now you are going to select a domain name for your website. You can register a new domain if you are creating a new website.

In case, you want to transfer your domain or just want to use the existing domain but change your nameserver then you can do both here so easily. After finding an available domain name click the “Continue” button for moving forward.

4. Choose Billing Cycle

You are standing at the configuration page right now. SeekaHost provides monthly, quarterly, semi-Annually, and Annually billing cycles for all its hosting plans. Decide on how much time you want to purchase a hosting service from SeekaHost company.

We recommend choosing the annual billing cycle because you get the same hosting service at a discounted rate.

Besides it, you should also choose your server location. SeekaHost currently allows three servers located in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

5. Buy Additional Addons If Necessary

Now you can mark some important Addons. These additional Addons will charge you extra money like DNS Management, IP Protection, and Email Forwarding.

Click the “Continue” button to move you to the next page.

6. Enter SeekaHost Promo Code

Now you are at the “Review & Checkout” page. Here you can see all the resources you get from the company.

To get a discount, paste the SeekaHost coupon code in the promotional box and validate it. You will be displayed in the cart that how much you are going to save.

Moreover, you should provide the required information here. Also, select the payment method you may choose PayPal or Credit Card.

Finally, accept the terms & conditions of the company and make your purchase successful.

SeekaHost Brief Review

Our main intention is to provide you SeekaHost coupon code in this blog post. But you may want to know a little bit about the company. So, the below few sentences introduce the SeekaHost company.

The company came into being and started providing hosting services in 2000. It was started by an Entrepreneur having in mind to offer a reliable and cheap service.

After a few years, another company (Clickdo Ltd) bought SeekaHost in 2015 and it started expanding its services in the United States.

A year later, the company awarded as the leading SEO web hosting company because of offering SEO hosting service. SeekaHost opened an office in London in 2017 and was growing very rapidly.

Recently, it was registered again and became a separate business entity in 2018. Since now, it has opened many head-offices located in various countries e.g UK, US, and India.

SeekaHost also provides a wide range of e-learning courses to all SeekaHosters. The company gives you access to all types of online courses included by blogging, digital marketing, WordPress management, and SEO.

Each course has been explained well by the expert team in the tutorials that you can easily understand.

SeekaHost Hosting Plans & Pricing

SeekaHost is a rich hosting company providing a wide range of hosting packages to help everyone and get benefits from it. It can be used for the purpose of running a tiny business to a huge business.

You can get an awesome discount on each hosting plan by using the SeekaHost coupon code during the checkout page.

The company has available a perfect and adequate hosting package from them. All the hosting packages currently offered by SeekaHost are as follows:

  • Personal Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)
  • Business Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Premium SEO Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • PBN Web Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting

SeekaHost Hosting Packages

Personal Web Hosting

Today every person wants to create personal websites or blogs for various purposes. If you are one of these guys then you are advised to choose a personal web hosting package.

Most beginners and small businesses blindly purchase this package as it is very competitive than others. Once you feel your website gets more traffic and needs hosting improvement then you can upgrade to other packages.

Plan NameAllowed
Disc SpaceBandwidthEmail AccountsPrice


  • Reliable Server
  • Weekly Backups
  • Optimized for Speed
  • 24/7 Live Support

Business Web Hosting

The business web hosting package is a great opportunity to purchase for running an online business. Nowadays, most people have started to greatly focus on online business.

People want to create a website where they can sell their products and services online. They would need web hosting to create a website and make it live on the web.

SeekaHost has a special hosting plan for all those who want to run an online business on their website.

Plan NameAllowed
Disc SpaceBandwidthDatabaseEmail AccountsPrice


  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free Email, DNS Hosting
  • Server Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name
  • Weekly Based Backups
  • Power & Memory

WordPress Web Hosting

There are a lot of content management systems you can use to create a website very easily without having any deep knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CSS languages. WordPress is also one of them and is an open-source CMS developed in PHP language mostly.

So, all those who are using WordPress as a CMS are recommended to use this type of hosting package. You get many benefits from using managed WordPress hosting for your website. The advantages of this hosting package are WordPress Friendliness, WP Security, Free SSL Certificate, and Faster Performance for your website.

Plan NameAllowed
Disc SpaceBandwidthFree SSLPrice


  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Up to 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • FTP Access

Premium SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting is the best option to purchase as it comes with a LiteSpeed Server and rich SSD Storage to get your website to load faster. With SEO hosting you get multiple IPs for different devices to create a business website that is just owned by you.

As the name “SEO Hosting” of the package suggests it is built for SEO and it will boost your ranking in the search engine. Also, it helps your website load faster than using other hosting packages.

Plan NameAllowed
No. of Unique
SSD StorageData TransferEmail AccountsPrice


  • Up to 150GB SSD Storage
  • LiteSpeed Server
  • Individual Accounts
  • Free SEO Tools
  • Scalable SEO Hosting
  • Multiple IPs from Various Countries
  • One-Click Installer Option Available

VPS Web Hosting

In VPS hosting service, the physical resources are shared with multiple users and the server is distributed individually. You get the best quality of service and purchase the resources based on your website needs.

With this type of package, you get a guaranteed uptime and a secured server to get rid of issues. What the benefits you covered with this package are as follows:

Plan NameCPU ProcessorRAMDisc SpaceData TransferPrice
Starter2 Core2GB50GB1000GB$16.50/mon
Standard2 Core4GB100GB1500GB$22.50/mon
Bright4 Core6GB150GB2000GB$32.50/mon
Chief8 Core8GB200GB2500GB$52.50/mon


  • Developer Friendly
  • Dedicated Resources
  • High-Speed Server
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Windows & Linux Servers
  • Up to 2500GB Bandwidth

PBN Web Hosting

SeekaHost is a majorly liked web hosting company to purchase the PBN hosting service. It’s a recognized company for providing a great discount over the hosting and secure service. Their hosting service is designed to support your SEO needs.

PBN is a private blog network used for creating a blog that supports your money blog. You are strictly advised to purchase the PBN web hosting if you want to create a PBN network.

Plan NameNo. of Unique IPsDisc SpaceData TransferPrice
10 IP (Small PBN)105GB50GB$1.4/mon
30 IP (Medium PBN)3015GB150GB$1.4/mon
50 IP (Large PBN)5025GB250GB$1.4/mon


  • Up to 2000 Unique IPs
  • Private NameServer
  • Individual cPanel Accounts
  • Starting from $1.5/month

Game Server Hosting

This company keeps an exclusive hosting package for online games according to your expectations. The fast and secure web hosting needs to make your gaming effort more productive. The resources you get with Game Server Hosting are quite enough. What features you get with this hosting package are:

  • Unlimited SSD & NVMe Storage
  • Custom Domain Name
  • 1-Click Installs for Modpacks with Personal Consultant
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Support
  • High Performing CPU

Why You Should Use SeekaHost Promo Code?

SeekaHost is one of the reliable and popular hosting companies that provide cheap web hosting services. Their hosting plans are competitive even a child can afford its hosting expenditure with his own pocket money.

Above that, our special coupon code gives you a massive discount when you apply it properly for any of the hosting plans offered by SeekaHost. Just check out each promo code given on the top to further break down your hosting price.

After verifying the coupon doesn’t work means the company has stopped giving you a discount temporarily. But make sure to test each promo code we have given above.

We hope you would save a lot of money with the help of the discount codes we have shared with you on this page.

FAQs For SeekaHost

Is SeekaHost a reliable web host?

Absolutely yes, the company is reliable and has trusted by millions of customers to date. They have provided web spaces to a lot of sites and the clients (the company calls SeekaHosters) are very pleased with their top-notch service.

Does SeekaHost give Money Back Guarantee?

The answer is yes, if you are not satisfied with the SeekaHost service and want to cancel your order then don’t worry about that. The company is responsible to cancel your order and refund your money.

SeekaHost gives you a 7-Day Money-Back guarantee you can get your full amount in case of a bad experiencing with the company.

Is SeekaHost providing Customer Support?

The company has an expert team dedicated to solving customer issues. They are 24/7 available to assist you during any problem related to their web host and service. The team will try their best to figure out any issue inside your website as soon as possible.

What is the Uptime of SeekHost?

SeekaHoster(s) are trusting the company for providing a 99.99% uptime guarantee for your website. Server uptime gives us an estimation that our site will be present on the web for visitors. Obviously, this an essential feature SeekaHost proudly offers to its clients.

Does SeekaHost Provide Any Free Trial?

This is the very common question people ask that SeekaHost provides any free trial or not. So, you are answering below.

The hosting provider gives you a free trial for PBN hosting. What does it mean? It means you can use and check the PBN hosting without giving a penny to the company. Once your free trial is over, you would need to pay the amount or cancel your service.

Final Words

Probably, you would have checked the services of many web hosting providers. But they all are not the same in offering hosting resources and prices. Without wasting time anymore, just make your decision to choose the SeekaHost company.

SeekaHost’s competitors don’t offer such brilliant & enough resources. Besides it, SeekaHost charges less than its competitors for web hosting plans. You can easily afford its shared hosting plan if you are using its hosting service as a beginner.

If you want to save a few bucks in your pocket from your hosting budget then you need to use the SeekaHost coupon code, we have listed for you in this blog post.

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