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By | March 6, 2021

From newbies to professional bloggers are using a lot of tools for individual purposes like keyword research, checking backlinks, position tracking for a particular keyword, SEO analysis, etc. Semrush is one of these essential tools you must use to grow your website SEO.

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool can be used for both free and pro version. If you want to use this tool you should purchase one of their plans. Its starter plan costs you $119.95 monthly (when billed yearly). But don’t fret, you can use Semrush free trial for 7 days that will allow you to use it without any restrictions & limitations.

We can say that nowadays, ranking for a keyword is not that easy as it was ten years ago. At that time, ranking on search engines was a piece of cake. You just had to write an article containing a few hundred words and it used to rank easily without using any premium SEO tools.

But now, people have been excessively focusing on online businesses and it’s difficult/impossible to rank #1 in Google and other search engines.

What is SEMrush Free Trial?

Semrush is the best SEO software used for multiple purposes including keyword explorer, link explorer, SERP analysis, and rank checker for a target keyword. If your budget is tight and you want to get the most out of the tool then we as well as the tool itself encourage you to use the Semrush Pro version.

The duration for which you can use the Semrush software for free to examine its functions and features without applying any restriction on the resources is known as Semrush’s Free Trial.

Semrush Free Trial 2021

If you are not familiar with this tool and gonna use it for the first time then it’s worth to subscribe its free trial. Here, the trial offer lets you get benefits of the tool for 30 days without giving a penny.

When you consumed your Semrush free trial and it was no longer required for your website or you didn’t find it helpful. Then you can simply cancel your subscription before your free trial ends without any reason asked.

Before we move ahead, let’s know from the basics about the Semrush tool and how it came into the market.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a well-known tool that helps millions of people around the world to optimize their websites according to the rules of Search Engines. It was founded back in 2008 by two savvy fellows Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev.

In the start, it was a small group of SEO but it was intended to provide a platform to the bloggers and marketers where they would optimize their websites according to the Google algorithm.

According to the tool, there are now more than 7 million marketers who are using Semrush for SEO to smoothly run their websites and online businesses. The trust of users is growing with each passing day.

This superior tool has established 7 offices in different locations including Dallas, Trevose, Boston, and Prague in which 1000+ employees are working to keep the tool operational.

In this 13 years of journey, it’s considered one of the most leading search engine optimation tools. It can help individuals, companies, and Enterprises to take their websites to a higher level.

SEMrush Plans & Pricing

Semrush plans are three basic plans named Pro, Guru, and Business that charge you various prices. What makes these plans differ from each other? And who can get advantages from this unbeatable tool?

It’s a recommended software and has been using by millions of experts in the blogging field that mostly helps bloggers, freelancers, social media marketers, enterprises & agencies.

We have explored all its plans offered under this portion. To make a decision for the plan you should heed the following plans that will help choose the right one. So let’s fell-in below.

Semrush Plan & Pricing

Pro Plan

Semrush initiates its plans from the Pro plan that is suitable for individuals and beginners. The resources and features that you get with this plan are enough for your website. Afterward, if you need more resources, you can upgrade your plan.

What you get with the Pro plan is comprised of 10000 results per report, 3000 reports per day, 250 keyword metrics updates per month, and many other statistics.

Let me make you sure that the Pro plan doesn’t give you historical data and product listing ads for your or your competitors’ website.

The Pro plan costs you $119.95 per month. If you are interested in this plan and feel it perfect for your website requirement then don’t look further and purchase the plan.

The best thing here is that you are able to get the Semrush free trial in 2021 to check their service. In case you are happy with the service then you need to pay the amount for continuing your account.

Guru Plan

Guru is the second plan you would find in the Semrush tool that will be the best pick for those who require more resources offered in the Pro Plan. The next-in-line plan you should purchase is the Guru plan that varies from the previous one based on the specifications and price.

Let’s reveal what you get with the plan. Guru plan offers you 30000 results per report, 5000 reports per day, 1000 keyword metrics updates monthly. Here you get additional Historical data for your website that was lacking in the Pro plan.

But here, you are not allowed to optimize your Google shopping campaign. The plan is valued at $229.95/month on the monthly basis. While subscribing the annual billing cycle yields you a 16% discount that becomes $38 for one year. When billed yearly, you need to pay only $191.62/month.

Did you find this plan helpful and ample for your website requirements? If the answer is yes then you can visit to select the Guru Plan here.

Business Plan

Skipping the previous two plans confirm you are looking for additional resources and specifications. The Business plan is the best choice for agencies and enterprises. It’s the third and last plan under the Semrush roof.

If you are running a giant company or have created a website network then you should subscribe to the Business plan. Because the resources you get with this plan are pretty much enough for your requirements.

In the Business plan, you are offering 50000 results per report, 10000 reports per day, 5000 keyword metrics updates/month including the historical data and product listing Ads for your website.

The Business plan needs $449.95/mo on a monthly basis while you may bring the price down to the $374.95/mo by choosing the annual billing payment. If you subscribe to the plan for the whole year, you are going to get a 16% discount from Semrush.

Here, we recommend subscribing to their free trial first before you purchase their plan. Luckily, the tool allows a free trial period for every plan whether it’s Pro, Guru, or Business plan.

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At What SEMrush Gives Access in the Free Trial?

Using the Semrush tool for bloggers is very important to push their online business or website to the next level. Before you get your dream true for ranking a keyword in Google, you would need to do proper research and use dozens of tools & software.

To get rid of purchasing separate tools for multiple purposes, Semrush is recommended & an all-in-one solution that performs multi-purpose works for you.

Semrush Free SEO Tool

You are allowed to get the entire resources in the free trial as you are independent to use in the Semrush Pro.

So, it’s important to reveal all the benefits of using Semrush as in a free trial. You will additionally understand that how salient is to use this tool before you expect success from your website.

We have mentioned and discussed Semrush’s features and tasks that you should know as an SEO expert. So, let’s get down to break the remarkable features of this tool that you wouldn’t find in any other tool.

This multi-purpose tool empowers you to use extra 40+ tools to help you make your website SEO more powerful and build a professional website more quickly.

Keyword Research

Publishing a blog post without performing keyword research is imbecility and nonsense. It’s precious to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour for keyword research when you are targeting less-competitive keywords.

In most cases, you should invest a few hours to get done your proper keyword research whilst you have intended to rank for the super competitive keyphrases.

Likewise, the time you need to consume on keyword research depends on multiple aspects including keyword difficulty, monthly volume, and your expertise.

Keyword research is essential before you start writing an article. Lots of tools and software can help you to do research for the targeted keywords. Research makes your work easy to rank for a keyphrase quickly in various search engines.

The Semrush free trial allows you to use the tool for keyword research free of cost for a limited period. Don’t worry, you are allowed to cancel your account if you didn’t like it.

SEMrush allows you to take the help of 6 different tools for keyword research to provide you a better result. These tools are listed below in the bullet list.

  • Keyword Overview
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Domain Overview
  • Keyword Manager

It lets you see the whole keyword overview for a specific keyword on the basis of various search engines. You can find out Monthly Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Cost Per Click (CPC) for a keyword.

The keyword gap tool empowers you to compare your website with your competitors to show you the search engine result page ranking for a particular keyword. In addition to this, it also reveals to you the complete list of keywords that your contenders have ranked for.

Here you can compare up to five different domains to know the keyword gap between them. It’s a suitable tool used to display all the intersecting keywords that you and your rivals are ranking for organically.

Moreover, it shows you all the keywords using the Venn diagram where you can see how many keywords you both are ranking simultaneously and for how many you and your competitors have ranked separately.

Additionally, you can get the organic keyword analysis that how you can get a higher position in search engines without paid advertising.

You can create a free account for subscribing to the Semrush trial period where you can discover all hidden keywords that can give you a better result.

Semrush Link Building Tool

The Semrush tool has listed four extra tools dedicated to performing different tasks. Each tool is used for a unique purpose that indicates, it will give you the accurate result for link building. The four different tools are categorized as the names below.

  • Backlink Analytic
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • Bulk Analysis

In this tool, you can see the complete overview of backlinks of a website on the basis of a root domain or a sub-domain. You can also put more than one website to compare their backlinks. It shows you all the referring domains, backlink authority score, backlink types, link attributes, and much more.

What you else get here is the Anchor text, Referring domain IPs, and all the indexed pages of a website you are looking for. Moreover, you can build lots of links to your website using this leading tool.

Semrush Doamin Overview

If you expect to use this tool for free, then you are allowed to perform only a single project in a day. To use it for finding backlinks without any restriction then we recommend subscribing to the Semrush Pro Free Trial that will make you independent to use it anywhere and anytime.

The Bulk Analysis of the tool helps you to inspect up to 200 URLs & domains in a single search. It saves your precious time from searching each individual website to see their backlinks.

SEMrush On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Millions of people are using the SEMrush tool to leverage it for both the on-page and off-page SEO for a website. SEO is a game and you should play it according to the principles of Search engines.

Semrush 7-day free trial makes you able to do a blog SEO whether it’s on-page or off-page. You would get overwhelmed when you see the consequences of using this software.

You can also use the Rankwatch tool for the same SEO purpose. If you are interested in this tool then we recommend applying the RankWatch Coupon on the checkout page to get a discount.

Ending Thoughts

Do you know? Bloggers and Marketers spend a good amount on purchasing different tools in order to win the SEO battle. But don’t worry, Semrush is here to help you save your hard-earned amount. Because you can use the Semrush software for many purposes.

It executes many tasks for professional bloggers and marketers for example they can perform keyword research, backlink analysis, Organic research, On-page & Off-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, and the rest.

So, we advise you to sign up free in the Semrush tool and grow your website SEO. Why you should create an account in Semrush? Because it allows you to get the Semrush free trial for a week. This means you can use it for 7-days without any costing to you.

If you have any queries about the tools or in purchasing process then we are here to assist you. Just contact us, we will answer you back as soon as possible.

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